Electronics International MVP-50 Glass Panel Engine Monitor

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Electronics International MVP-50 Glass Panel Engine Monitor

This unit was purchased approximately two years ago and was professionally installed by qualified A&P mechanic into a Piper restoration project, but has never been operated. Is in like new condition. Comes with mounting bracket, wiring harness, and manuals. Antenna and accessories int included.

Electronics International MVP-50 Glass Panel Engine Monitor allows pilots to accurately monitor dozens of engine and system parameters, program redline limits, setup custom inputs, create interactive checklists, store general flight information, build flight plans, record and review pertinent data from every flight, and so much more. The MVP has been designed with the same thoughtful engineering that goes into every EI product, so even though the MVP-50P is by far the most powerful system in the industry, it is sure to be one of the easiest systems to use in your cockpit.

Price New: $5,500; Our Price $4,750


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