FOR SALE - Redbird MCX Flight Simulator with Monitoring & Debriefing Station

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FOR SALE - Redbird MCX Flight Simulator with Monitoring & Debriefing Station

Attention all flight schools and college aviation programs! This is a rare opportunity to own a Redbird MCX Flight Simulator and greatly enhance and elevate your flight curriculum.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Year Manufactured: 2016

Manufacturer: Redbird Flight Simulations, Inc.

Model: MCX Full Visual/Motion/Sound Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD)

Included Accessories: Redbird Insight External Monitoring and Debriefing Station

The MCX Flight Simulator is an FAA-Approved Full Motion Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD) capable of supporting the following Pilot Licenses and Ratings: Private, Instrument, and Airline Transport Pilot.

This advanced simulator can be used to support currency, proficiency, and insurance checks. It is one of the most advanced flight simulators on the market and is equipped with a 3-axis electric motion platform giving the trainee a one-of-a-kind simulated training experience with realistic feedback for yaw, pitch, and roll. It produces a lifelike feel of the controls and provides believable simulated flight scenarios from its high resolution six-screen cockpit view array.

This simulator was purchased by the seller in 2016 and is full-operational and full-functional and is in a like-new and barely used condition. It is presently configured as a Cessna 172S Skyhawk and comes with two simulated cockpit panel layouts. One is for the “glass cockpit” or Garmin G1000 with the Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot. The other panel is a “legacy panel” with traditional round gauges and features both a Garmin 530 and 430 with the KAP-140 Autopilot. It also comes with dual yoke and dual rudder controls allowing for in-simulation dual flight instruction as well as simulation-based CRM training.

With the purchase of additional simulation equipment and upgrades from Redbird, this MCX can be modified to simulate all of the popular training aircraft, including the Piper singles (Warrior, or Archer, Piper Twins (Seminole or Seneca), and the Beechcraft Bonanza or the Baron or Duchess, and others.

Also included in the purchase price is the Redbird Insight External Monitoring and Debriefing Station, which is normally a $5,000 option. This a separate instructor’s station that allows the instructor and students to record and playback each simulated flight from a variety of angles, both inside and outside the aircraft. It includes a stand-alone computer with pre-installed software, a live video camera inside the cockpit, and a color 32” wall-mountable, system monitor. The Redbird Insight also allows for the addition of optional viewing screens.

The simulator is fully self-contained in a sturdy cabin and is built on a strong, balanced metal chassis. It is robust enough to stand-up to years of use in a large professional pilot academy. The system can be operated in small spaces of at least 16' x 16' with a ceiling that is at least 8' high. It uses the standard 110-volt, 15-amp wall outlet and requires a high-speed Internet connection. The MCX produces simulated flight sounds but has a low mechanical noise and will not disrupt your co-located business or academic functions. The

This simulator is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Relocation and set-up services are available from Redbird but are not included in the selling price.

The seller purchased this simulator and its accessories brand new from Redbird six years ago at a cost of $106,000. This complete MCX system and the accessories can be yours today for just $75,500.

Interested in the Redbird MCX Flight Simulator with the Insight External Monitoring & Debriefing Station? Contact Tomahawk Aero Services, Jeff Lustick, Broker, at (360) 510-1139.